What Is Get Resmerized?

The word ‘resmerized’ itself is a play on the word ‘mesmerized’ (To spellbind; enthrall having your attention fixated as though by a spell). To Get Resmerized is to become spellbound yes, but paying close attention is necessary if you want to experience a mystical magical life.

At the heart of Get Resmerized is a sense of wonder and curiosity that you can only see when you open your mind, heart, and spirit to things unseen yet as real as love itself. It is a frequency, an energy, an experience, a feeling, a state of being, a perspective, a condition and a cure. Please enjoy exploring my virtual world.

I’m so happy that you’re here. This may be for you, the way AND the place where everything changes.


Professional Online Consultant Since 1999
Master Tarologist (i.e. wicked good reader)
Certified Hypnotherapist (among other things)
General Awesomeness & Creative Tendencies

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What’s In This For Me?

Yep all the free stuff I can think of. I can’t keep the whole internet to myself now can I?! This is the section to check often because it will be updated often. OH but if you join my Resmerati (minion email list) you’ll get free updates. Its all pretty self explanatory. Now then, go to your happy place. I’ll know if ya don’t.

Free Relationship Advice

Ask a free question about any relationship, get a free answer from Res and a card or two.

Free Destiny Coaching Session

If you’re seriously interested; discover your destiny and how to get there. One conversation can change your life.

Free Prezzies

A few free ebooks on a few of our favorite subjects; magic and tarot cards of course!

Free Tarot Tips

I’ve been an online card reader for a very long time! Ask me any ‘how-to’, ‘this or that’, or tarot ‘why’ you can think of.

Free Video

Sharing with you some of my favs for learning, enjoyment, and maybe a little weirdness too. I like weird.

Free Updates

Get email updates every time there’s a new post or new awesome thing just for my Resmerati.

My Services

My services are all about you. What would you like to know? Who would you like to be? What are the answers to your deepest questions? You’re here for a reason, & so am I.

This is your life we’re talking about babycakes. Click on a service, explore, and send me a Resmerandum if you have questions. Stop wondering, ask Res, feel Better!

Live Readings

Join Free. Chat Free. Consult with Res privately.

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Destiny Coaching

Life & love can be so confusing. Maybe you just need a guide & some directions.

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At the sound of my voice, you’ll relax, feel stronger, live better.

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  • I enjoyed my reading with Resmyrranda she did not waste time in given me the information. She started off with information about me and my relationship, I did not have to give her any information, nor did she hit around for me to give her information. I would recommend Resmyrranda to anyone. I just love Resmyrranda she has given me so much information on my life, relationship, job and the future. She rocks!!!! and she gave me the same answer that I asked her about the other, her answer did not change…..Thank you so much!!!!

  • resssssssy is great! so up front and clear. good info and supportive. straight answers!

  • I just had another incredible reading with Res. I am always in awe after our readings. She is so intuitive it amazes me. Res is truly extraordinary. I highly suggest a pvt reading with Res. You will totally feel better after talking with her. Luv Ya Res.

  • Thank you Resmyrranda, I always feel you are my guardian angel, always there with Godsend answers to my prayers and questions. May your new year be blessed with more gifts to help others like me.

  • What can I say. Res is incredible. She is such an inspiration to me. I feel like I have known her for years. I couldn’t do it without Res. She is so incredibly amazing. She is such a genuine and sweet person. If more people were like her the world would be a better place.

  • Amazing as usual.