Who Else Wants Oakley A Wire Sunglasses?

The Oakley A Wire sunglasses has been an in demand item for sportsmen and casual wearers alike. What makes these sunglasses popular and what makes them special?

The frame of these Oakley sunglasses are made from C-5 alloy specially developed by Oakley. These alloys are made from 5 metal compounds that make the frames impressively light and very durable. You might think that they’re flimsy by judging the weight but you’ll be surprised how durable they are. Oakley provides 5 frame colors to choose from such as Dark, Brushed Thick, dark Thick, Light, Platinum and Black Chrome Thick.

Another feature of these Oakley wire sunglasses is that the temple sleeves are made from Unobtainium: a type of rubber that increases grip as your face perspires. This will be very handy because you’ll be using these sunglasses when you’re outdoors or during sports activities. Actually Unobtainium was first used on motorcycle grips and was later developed by Oakley to be used on the ear socks and nose pads of their glasses. I’d also like to mention that the stem of these sunglasses are not very long and will fit most faces comfortably. The hinges have snappy springs which seem to be durable. The Ray Ban Eyeglasses also have awesome benefits on sports activities, so you may also try with this.

Currently, Oakley lists about 3 lens colors to choose from such as Black Iridium, Emerald Iridium and Gold Iridium. You might be wondering what Iridium is and why does Oakley uses them to coat their lenses? Iridium is an element that Oakley (as well as other sunglasses makers) uses to make the lenses reduce glare and increase the contrast. Iridium is also considered to be very durable than most coatings because it is made on the molecular level. It’s also perfect for poker matches because you can’t practically see the eyes of the wearer.

The Oakley A Wire comes with a soft pouch but I suggest buying a harder casing so that your sunglasses will last longer. Be sure to check if the lenses are polarized because you’ll benefit a lot from it. Polarized lenses greatly reduce eyestrain especially when fishing, on the beach or near the water. What I like most about these sunglasses is that they make you look attractive, cool and aggressive.

With all of that said, the Oakley A Wire sunglasses is worth the investment as it provides you with excellent protection like an eye armor at the same time making you look cool and in style.

Paper Trimmers

This video is about the paper trimmers I have in my craft space. Some I like and some I wonder why I haven’t thrown them out yet. If you are looking for a paper trimmer, maybe one of mine will help you decide which paper trimmer will be right for you.

Now, this is a rotary blade trimmer, so it has a blade that slides up and down this arm and it’s not going to cut until you press down on the blade and so here’s how that works. I’m going to press down, pull it toward me and lift the arm and there’s my cut. Now, it also works in the other direction, so I’ll show you again how that works and just press and push and there you go.

The only other thing that you want to pay attention to regardless of which trimmer you have when you’re using one for the first time is just know where the blade is going to cut. The trimmer will typically have either a little ridge that the blade goes into or in the case of a rotary blade, it may have a rubber mat for that blade to cut into, so just take a look at where that blade is because you want to know for sure where your paper is actually going to be cut. Again, it’s a matter of personal preference. Neither is better than the other, but you’ll definitely want to have a paper trimmer before you get very far at all in your paper crafting.

How to clean your floors

If you want to learn how to clean your hardwood floors quick and easy, then we have the solution for you. This method also works on cleaning laminate and cleaning tile floors. All you need is a flat mop, a terry clothe/towel and a little water. This is how professionals clean the floors when on the job. There is no need for chemicals. After watching the video, you won’t mind cleaning your hardwood floors anymore.