Paper Trimmers

This video is about the paper trimmers I have in my craft space. Some I like and some I wonder why I haven’t thrown them out yet. If you are looking for a paper trimmer, maybe one of mine will help you decide which paper trimmer will be right for you.

Now, this is a rotary blade trimmer, so it has a blade that slides up and down this arm and it’s not going to cut until you press down on the blade and so here’s how that works. I’m going to press down, pull it toward me and lift the arm and there’s my cut. Now, it also works in the other direction, so I’ll show you again how that works and just press and push and there you go.

The only other thing that you want to pay attention to regardless of which trimmer you have when you’re using one for the first time is just know where the blade is going to cut. The trimmer will typically have either a little ridge that the blade goes into or in the case of a rotary blade, it may have a rubber mat for that blade to cut into, so just take a look at where that blade is because you want to know for sure where your paper is actually going to be cut. Again, it’s a matter of personal preference. Neither is better than the other, but you’ll definitely want to have a paper trimmer before you get very far at all in your paper crafting.